Sunday, May 7, 2017


So I've recently decided to just dump all my earnings into a diversified Vanguard account consisting mostly of ETF.  I'm up about $600 -  $700 without having to bust my back doing something I hate for a job.  There it is my readers, all you have to do is build up your Vanguard portfolio with ETFs and/or mutual funds that have a large potential to grow.  Yes, you still need to wake up in the morning, rush out the door, and start hustling/busting your ass; but at least you now you know a sound way to invest and reinvest where all your hard earned dollars is going.  As far as right now, Vanguard is a working like a well oiled machine on autopilot.  All you have to do really is make sure you feed it every now and then like a plant or pet at home.

Instead of buying a new car, a new watch, home, or something really materialistic; all I did was invest and reinvest my money.  No, I don't have a desire to dress and look the part of a millionaire or have the need to outshine anyone else as I already know I'm not ONE OF THOSE.  Compassion, humility, kindness, knowledge, the ability to learn new skills, work ethic etc. these are the things I want in my life.  Being an arrogant asshole with shiny new objects isn't something I want to become or be as I know it'll rot my soul to the core and be my very own self destruction button.  Yes, we are all guilty of wronging others, polluting, being mean and nasty; and that is why it is so important to learn a balance of kindness and assertiveness.  Just being able to help someone who could never help you back in anyway, shape, or form is such a powerful message that just strikes a chord that'll vibrate the whole universe as though God came down from the heavens to answer Jesus's prayers.

Regardless of my belief system, Vanguard is doing a great job protecting and growing my investments.  Long story short, the IT ETF is doing amazeballs and is where you want to invest for growth.  The technology sector is where you'll find the fastest growing companies.  Healthcare, consumer staples, and consumer discretionary is also up there in the competition as well.  The top industrial players include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and even Amazon.  You can run but you can't hide from these corporate giants; all you can do is INVEST.

As one can see, if you zoom past all the bullshit, mishap experiments, and disinformation what you really want to do is invest in the top sectors that'll give you the maximum of growth in the least amount of time.  Diversifying is important, but putting your money into Europe and/or emerging markets probably won't generate a quicker growth rate than simply investing in large American S&P 500 companies.  Investing in foreign companies and countries is great and all, but it's mostly for diversification; not achieving maximum return of equity.  No matter what happens or wild stories are told, tomorrow is in fact Monday and the whole rat race stars anew.  Prepare your work clothes, your lunch bag, and shoes to rush out into the traffic in the morning to reach that God awful place you call "my job".  

Good luck!    

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