Saturday, May 6, 2017


If everyone was a millionaire there would be no sense of urgency to get off the couch and work their ass off.  You would not want to work if you believed yourself to be all that and a bag of chips and that is why it is so important to HIDE YOUR MONEY AWAY.  Arrogance and ego, these are the true enemies that will prevent an individual from learning and growing.  Once you believe yourself to be on the highest point of the mountain, everything comes to a halt and all of the sudden the journey ends.  The flow, the focus, the sense of urgency to achieve something bigger than yourself just isn't there anymore!  After taking a break for a while, you'll eventually look for a new goal.  The hardest part is starting all over again, but what makes you want to get off your butt again?  A lot of us have accomplished big things in life, but fail to find and do our next big thing due to laziness, lack of initiative/energy/funding/networking/etc. to the point of just making life easier by not caring anymore about our dreams.  So how can you speed this process up!?  Yes, we all want to do and accomplish big things; but what's the fastest way to get there!?  There must be a catalyst out there somewhere in the universe right!?  To obtain such a sense of urgency to provide value to not only yourself but others, you need to be devoid of wealth and be in the emotional alignment of humility  Remember your school days where none of the kids had any money? I mean, how did people even function?  Without the constant access to vast wealth, things like learning, teaching, productivity, and results were taking place!  So, it's not always about money!  You can have and live a productive life without lusting and drooling over money all the time.  Yes, we all want the money; but it should not be on the very top list of your priorities.  For example, working a job you hate to achieve money for the sake of accumulating wealth is just detrimental to your health and job satisfaction level.  If all you see is the money, it'll be a long and grueling path up a treacherous mountain.  Yes, I am also guilty of working a job every week just for the money and believe me what I have to say about hating your job.  I would like to practice what I preach, but in this hostile economic climate you wouldn't survive.  With all that said and done, there does exist one perspective that does make earning money fun and that's by looking at the growth rate.  People love to see what they own growing in numbers and by tracking the percentage of growth week, instead of actual numbers, is the trick!  Because numbers are so infinite, a much easier way is by looking at things in percentages that'll make things actually fun like playing a game.     

Believe it or not, being humble is another big topic on the list.  If you score high in humility taking a personality test, the chances are your willingness to learn and grow are much greater than someone who has a low score.  Being able to learn and pick up new tricks of the trade will pay you back in dividends in no time.  So what's wrong with learning?  Some people just don't care and don't want to learn as in "You can't teach an old dog new tricks".  Underneath the actual iceberg, an individual may not want to learn new material because they lack the humility; they think they are too cool for school and that they know everything already.  Not having the capacity to learn and being able to pickup new things on the road is the true meaning of ignorance.  Never stop learning.  The military knows this extremely well as they'll routinely breakdown a person in training to build them back up to what their standards are.  Believe it or not "smart people" have really high score in humility.  For example, Elon Musk who has created Paypal, Tesla, and SpaceX is high in humility.  Although he has tons of brains and money, he doesn't come across as an arrogant asshole.  His high level of humility is what gives him an edge over his competitors; because he's willing to learn, adapt, and change.  Everyone wants to learn and do great things, but the only way there is by being humble.     

In conclusion, if you want to get off that couch and get things done all you got to do is be poor!  You'll do a lot more to earn something than if you felt full all of the time.  What you are trying to do at the most primal level  is create a real sense of urgency.  For the icing on the cake, being humble will help you learn and adapt on your way.  

Thank you reading!  I appreciate as much audience I can reach out to! Have a good weekend!   


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