Saturday, March 25, 2017


The goal here is quite simple: I put down $20,000 of my own money and now I want the numbers to go up.  It doesn't take a genius, but a lot of smart people invest their money using VANGUARD.  After extensive research, I've decided to invest in ETF.  Much like a stock, you can easily buy and sell these kinds of securities.  Unlike a retirement fund, I can actively buy and sell whenever and how much I want without any penalty.  The flexibility of liquid assets is very suitable for someone like me who doesn't like too much rules and regulation.  I DO NOT TIME THE STOCK MARKET, instead I approach investing more like a DRIP program.  Every paycheck, I leave a sum of money and dump it into my Vanguard.  Let's face it, I'm not going to be one of those guys on Wall Street you see in the movies in the fiery pits of the stock exchange.  The next best thing to do is to keep consistently settling aside a  significant chunk of your paycheck into your investment company of choice, mine just happens to be Vanguard.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.  This is life; it is not a sprint; it's a marathon and should be treated as such.

Diversity is your only key to stop your fears of losing all your money.  You just have to put your foot down and keep dumping money into your Vanguard portfolio.  It's so typical for people to be afraid.  If you want to succeed, you have to take risks!  You cannot be paralyzed by fear!

 So what if my $20,000 turns into $17,000?  I know my risk tolerance.  I trust that Vanguard knows what they're doing.  If all hell breaks, at least I know that I've tried to make a difference in my life and didn't give up.  Guess what?  It's going to be Monday morning, and EVERYONE has to go back to work regardless.  I took the risk; I took my chances!  It's all in or die in the rat race!  I'd be happy to risk it all, so I can get out of the daily grind.  Yes, I would die happy knowing that I tried everything I could to free myself from the matrix.  If you want to play it anymore safe, go to nursing home!

Every quarter, Vanguard will payout dividends.  For every share you own, you maybe getting about 0.25 cents.  Look it's really not that much of a payout, but there does exist the magic principal of compound interest.  If you keep stacking and reinvesting over time, you'll start earning bank!  Those quarters and dimes they payout in dividends add up over time!  You just keep sticking to your plan, keep your feet on the floor, and don't flinch.  Just keep reinvesting and reinvesting your income and before you know it, you'll be a hell of a lot rich when you started!

Trust me, I'd rather be risking it all than spending it on more tuition money for more college.  I'm more interested in earning money passively than actively always having to do something monotonous.  After everything has been all said and done, it always comes down to BECAUSE YOU NEED THE MONEY.  My bachelor's degree hasn't been actively doing anything for me since its inception 10 years ago.  The only piece of paper on the wall that will ever significantly change your life is engineering or medical, meaning that the companies will be the ones knocking on your door.   Everything else is pretty much the art of bullshit.  All roads lead to the rat race, so you need to know what you really want before you get there.  YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO GET WHAT YOU WANT.  Being proactive on a daily basis instead of reactive will help a ton.  If you find yourself complaining and nagging, it's because you're reactive.  Try and be more proactive.  Start doing things you want instead of complaining about what everyone else is trying to sell you.  Change your attitude; change your life!        

Have a good week everyone!  

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