Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wake Up to a Good Breakfast

Well, you want to get out of bed right away right?  And the only way to do that is by being really excited about something you like, like waking up on a Christmas morning.  There's no easy answer to this age old question of how to get out of bed early in the morning, but my conclusive solution is breakfast.  Get ready to wake up out of bed to have a damn, good breakfast.  No matter if you prepare it at home, the night before, or go out and eat; you better make sure you eat!  The body needs the nutrition, the calories, the carbohydrates, and the protein to function.  The reason why I and so many others out there don't feel like getting out of bed is because there's a feeling  like there's nothing out there worth waking up for.  Seriously, looking forward to something exciting and that you're interested in or that you're good at doing is very important.  Without the motivation and drive, you won't get anywhere and fast.  Eating breakfast . . . that's my goal.  Once I have my breakfast, I can start my day knowing that I feel full without having to go feral mode.

Yup, so I just came back from eating.  I cooked 3 eggs and spread some cheese all over it to make it taste sexy.  I also toasted some whole wheat Arnold bread.  With a 23 oz. can of Arizona Grapeade with 26 grams of sugar, I'm ready to start my day.  Why the sugary grape drink?  It gets me excited!  I love Grapeade.  But seriously, this is the first time I've had it since 2-3 years ago from my last job at the pharmacy that sold it.  Sugar is only good for a quick burst of energy and then you crash.  Unfortunately, sugar in its purest of forms is not very good for you.  I believe it can get you out of bed, but I don't recommend it.  It's like an energy shot that all ways ends up wish crashing side effects.  It's better to try and achieve overall balance and sustainability by drinking nothing but water.  Once in a while I crave sugary drinks for some reason.  Sugary drinks should always be avoided, but I just love drinking them so much!  In any event I feel ready to get out and enjoy my Saturday!    

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