Monday, September 1, 2014

Back To School

My first class for radiology starts at 11:30AM.  I'm in my second year.  I've completed the first of two years.  Yes, this is my last "senior" year as a radiology x-ray tech student.  It's been hell having to wake up, drive to school, drive to the hospital, spending time with others, dealing with the politics, having to ask people what the hell is going on, and working with a diverse group of other people.  I've heard stories of people making $22 starting at the hospital to $50 for a private doctor's clinic.  Either way, it's a lot of shit you have to go through.  I have to train and study everyday just to keep afloat.  Do not be fooled.  Being a x-ray technician requires just as much discipline as any other career choice.  For me, I put the hours in and try my best everyday.  When they say you can't find a job, I do not listen to the "no".  I getup and go and use that attitude to get my foot in the door and muscle my way through.  "Work like hell" . . .    

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